Redcliff Cottage Systems

Simplicity by Design

Utilities I use daily...

These are some of the utilities I have used for years. All are indispensable!


A must-have for any database administrator. Excellent remote Db utility:

CodeCharge Studio.

Still the best data provider for RAD:


Excellent all-purpose editor:


The best text search utility available:


Excellent utility to detect differences in text files:

DevProject Manager.

The best freeform data storage application I have used. Excellent for snippets and project control:


  • Appointment Control
  • Asset Management
  • Change Control
  • Construction Site Control
  • Employee Systems
  • Financial Management
  • Legal Case Control
  • Hospital Management
  • Medical Systems
  • Membership Systems
  • Neighbourhood Watch Systems
  • Project Management
  • Real Estate Sites
  • Rental Controls
  • Reservation Systems
  • Scheduling Systems
  • Student Systems
  • Vehicle Tracking